I'm Jim Bowes, a natural-media pioneer. I founded one of the first natural-media companies called GreenGraffiti® in 2008 and have produced campaigns in countries around the world.

I started Natural Media Experts to make is easier for companies to use natural-media techniques to their fullest potential. Natural-media techniques are eco-friendly, easy to use and affordable.

As an advertising professional, I spent 25 years in the traditional advertising and marketing industry. Since 2007, I've concentrated on producing eco-friendly advertising campaigns.  As an industry expert who's been around for a while, I know and work with some of the best natural media companies around the world. I also work closely with municipalities to help them regulate, control and earn from natural-media. And last but not least, I coach entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up their own natural media companies. 

You can learn more about me through my Linkedin profile.

Jim Bowes is the founder of GreenGraffiti®. After working in the communications industry for 25 years, he became interested in the issues surrounding sustainable development. Jim left the industry shortly afterwards, running GreenGraffiti® from his kitchen table and watching it grow into an international success in just four short years.