Tell young and trendy people that Beck's beer is "Brewed with only natural ingredients and an open mind".

How to stand out? Any beer brand in the world can say that. Lots of them already have.

Innovative interpretation:
We focused on the brand ingredients, not the product's.
Innovative vehicle:
We went for innovative technology that not only delivers but also embodies the message.

Europe's largest Moss Graffiti outdoor in downtown Sofia, delivering the message in a puzzle solving way: ingredient by ingredient for a period of 4 weeks.

One hundred kilograms of live moss were imported from the Netherlands. It was shaped in a dozen graphic elements that symbolise Beck's brand ingredients - young, free, self-determined, open-minded, innovative and trend-setting. The elements were installed consecutively on a 5 x 9 meter outdoor frame, thus gradually forming the shape of a Beck's bottle.

After "filling up" the bottle with ingredients, we revealed the message and a week later, the brand behind it.

Note: No moss was harmed during this project, All 100 kg were "set free" in Vitosha National Park near Sofia.