5 reasons why brands are using "clean advertising" out of home advertising

Starbucks uses clean advertising in Amsterdam

Clean advertising also known as reverse graffiti,green graffiti or clean tagging or water advertising is being used by some of the worlds biggest and best brands.

It has many advantages over traditional outdoor advertising. This is why the natural media industry has grown from less than a handful of companies 6 years ago to well over 100 today. Why is clean advertising good for your brand?

1. Clean advertising has a higher impact on the audience. 

The goal of advertising is to communicate. The first step is to be noticed and remembered.
You probably walked by, drove by or cycled by hundreds of outdoor advertisements this week. Can you remember what you saw? If you are like most people, the answer is most likely no. We are learning that our brains are complex filters that block out everything that does not interest us or is relevant to our needs. Just because your ad is in a media frame screaming for attention does not mean it will get it. Your ads need to stand out, to be different and ideally, to touch your audience in an emotional way.

2. Clean advertising is highly targetable.

You can place your ads where you know your most likely customers are. We call this the single bullet approach as opposed to the shotgun approach where you place hundreds of ads hoping some of them will be placed where your audience is.

3. Clean advertising cost less than traditional outdoor advertising media.

Most natural media companies are mean and lean. They do not have huge overheads or shareholders who are looking for returns on their investment. Free competition between natural companies is helping to keep prices down as opposed to the “winner take all” model used by the traditional outdoor adverting companies that allows them to charge whatever they see fit as they have “exclusive” rights in their markets.

4. It’s the perfect medium for A B testing.

It is possible to place only a few ads and to compare the results without having to buy a minimum amount of media spaces which generally require you order several hundred ads or pay such a high premium that it simply makes no sense. Clean advertising ads are printed one at a time while posters require you print much higher quantities.

5. Like all natural media techniques, it has a much lower impact on the environment.

Companies with sustainable ambitions now have a sustainable alternative to very unsustainable traditional forms of out door advertising. No ink, no plastic, paper or vinyl, no electricity for back or front lighting and it generate very little waste. A clean advertising ad will consume about 1/15th the amount of water it takes to produce a piece of poster paper of a comparable size and many natural media companies are contributing to water foundations to compensate for using such a precious natural resource. Place your ads here and provide clean drinking water for someone where clean drinking water is scarce.
Clean advertising  is a new out of home advertising media that is getting a lot of attention and attention is just what you are looking for. Though you need to be aware of the risks, there are no laws against cleaning and clean advertising is only selectively cleaning a message or an image out of the dirt using only water, no chemicals or cleaning agents. 
Our governments and consumers are demanding that advertisers become more responsible corporate citizens. To do that they need to have the alternatives that will allow them to do so. Currently, the outdoor advertising industry is not offering sustainable solutions. Using clean advertising helps brands reach their sustainable ambitions while proving they are practicing what they preach. Clean advertising is a sustainable alternative. Furthermore, our dirty public space is a huge and very valuable untapped public asset that cities can use to help generate revenue to support local communities and meet budget shortfalls.  Story telling at it’s best.

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Jim Bowes

Advertising professional specialising in Natural Media advertising techniques that have a low impact on the environment.