Possible do-it-yourself natural media techniques #3 Sand Stamping

Sand is a versatile medium. Sandy beaches and sand traps, ashtrays and just about any other place you will find a pile of sand is an opportunity to promote your business easily and affordably. All you need are the basic tools and you can create your own campaigns from sand in a variety of ways. 

Sand Stamping (which is the same technique as snow stamping) is simply pressing a sand stamp into the sand or snow to produce an image that is temporary but also stunning – sure to grab the attention of those who walk past it. There are several ways to produce a sand stamp depending on your needs and how long you would like to use your sand stamp. Top of the line sand stamps such as those produced by EarthStamps in the USA will last for years but can cost over $1,000. These are custom made and engraved out of a rubber like material. They are quite heavy and produce very sharp deep images.

Sand stampers can also be produced using different kinds of rubber that are either cut from rubber or silicon sheets and mounted to another material or they are etched out of the surface. This type of sand stamp will cost you anywhere from $100 to $500. These stamps are only a few millimetres deep and are limited to smaller sizes but look great. They are also much lighter which can be important if you will be placing a lot of images in a day.

Sand stamps are very temporary but given that they get a lot of attention and you can place several hundred in a day, they are a great technique and require very little skill to master. Sand Stamps are used mostly on the beach but can also be used in sand traps and even in ashtrays. It is one of the most under used natural media techniques.

One of the best things about sand stamping is that the stamps can also be used in the snow creating subtle but very attractive impressions.

Like all advertising, clever and aesthetically pleasing messages will attract the most attention and attention is the name of the game.

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Jim Bowes

Advertising professional specialising in Natural Media advertising techniques that have a low impact on the environment.