Do-it-yourself Sandbossing- a sustainable outdoor advertising technique

SandBossing uses only sand and special natural ingredients to produce sharp messages that last for a few days but can be removed easily by you or mother nature. It is a fair weather technique that will last for several days, will not blow away in the wind but if stepped will simply return to it’s natural granular state and blow away in the wind and will complete be washed away once it rains.

SandBossing is ideal for messages that you only want to last for a few days making it perfect for events. Sandbossing is one of several do-it-yourself techniques that have been designed for companies that want to promote themselves affordably. 

Creating a SandBoss only takes a minute or two. Once the sand mix has dried it becomes hard and brittle so it will not blow away. Placing them on the side of a sidewalk or in areas where people will not walk on them will insure they are not stepped so they will last longer. These SandBossings lasted for 6 days until it rained which washed them completely away leaving no waste behind and nothing to clean up. Color can be added to the sand mix or it can just use natural sand depending on your needs. It would be great to know if you would consider using such a technique to promote your business.  

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Jim Bowes

Advertising professional specialising in Natural Media advertising techniques that have a low impact on the environment.