Decorating with sand


SandBoss sand printing works great for creating really nice looking messages. But it is also ideally suited to decoration whether that's a public space or a wedding. 

This print is +10 m2 and took me about 7 hours to complete and half an hour to clean away.

I used 9 kilos of dry sand-mix. 

SandBoss sand prints dry hard and adhere to the surface. The non-toxic water based binders also make these prints easy to remove.

The newest Eco-friendly natural-media technique.

  • Affordable
  • No heavy equipment needed
  • With 30 minutes of practice you can master the technique
  • Non-toxic, water based binders and common sand
  • Eco-friendly
  • No heavy equipment needed
  • Easy to clean away

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photo of sand prints made to decorate


Jim Bowes

Natural Media Experts, Albert Neuhuysstraat, Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands

Advertising professional specialising in Natural Media advertising techniques that have a low impact on the environment.