By the community for the community

Our public spaces get dirty. It's just the way it is and though we may not like it or in some cases even want to admit it, our public spaces are covered with dirt and grime and our cities do not have the budgets to clean them.

But if you look at our public dirt from a different perspective what you see is that our dirt is really an under valued public asset that we can use to our advantage.

Working with Elspeth Pikaar, a local artist, and a community centre and the local community, Natural Media Experts created a 850 M2 sidewalk mural in Amsterdam.

The children designed the images themselves and we turned them into large templates that create a large pattern. 

Other than sharing our knowledge, Natural Media Experts did very little actual work as the community lined up for two solid days to produce the mural themselves! Imagine that, a community volunteering to clean their own playground and having loads of fun doing it!

Producing the sidewalk mural used 6000 litres of precious water. To compensated for the water we used we worked with our water partner Made Blue and made a donation that made sure that for every litre of water we using in Amsterdam 10 litres of clean drinking water would be provided in a region where clean drinking water is scarce.

Thank you the City of Amsterdam, Ymere, Ijsterk and Ijdockzz for sponsoring this local initiative.

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Jim Bowes

Advertising professional specialising in Natural Media advertising techniques that have a low impact on the environment.