Inexpensive snow stamping creates a good impression

Snow stamping campaign produced by CurbMedia. 

Snow stamping campaign produced by CurbMedia. 

One person can print hundreds of marketing messages per day using a simple latex or silicon snow stamp. Prints can last for hours and sometimes even days if there is no new snow fall and they are not stepped on but even though the prints can be very temporary walking down the street creating prints get's a lot of attention on it own.

This technique was first used successfully by CurbMedia in 2009 and got world wide attention. Surprisingly though a few brands have used this technique it remains one of the most overlooked natural-media techniques. Given the cost per print can be less than 1 cent each, this is one technique that is perfect for small businesses or brands with limited budgets and are located where it snows.

Size doesn't matter

The concept and execution are the most important elements of a great snow stamping campaign. As with any natural-media campaign snow stamping is ideally suited for content marketing. Though these impressions may have only lasted a few hours, they continue to work for the brand 9 years later! Talk about a return of adverting investment.

Creating the stamps does require a bit of thought and technical skill but anyone who is familiar with casting moulds can help you create a snow stamp. We've even used a thin plastic stencil made for reverse graffiti to create impressions in the snow and as you can see this technique works when there is only a little snow.


Looking to reach a huge audience? With the winter olympics right around the corner anyone attending the games could easily place a few hundred prints for your brand and just think of the possible exposure you could get it you are lucky enough to be seen by the media. Even if you aren't seen by the media, you surely could collect some amazing content (photos and videos) to use on your digital channels for months to come.

Snow stamping, snow advertising, snow ads or whatever you may call them are easy to place, very affordable, generate some great content opportunities are are sure to make a good impression about your brand.

Here's a video to show just how easy the technique is. If you would like to know more about how you can produce a snow stamp, feel free to contact us.  

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Jim Bowes

Advertising professional specialising in Natural Media advertising techniques that have a low impact on the environment.