Positive communication to change human behaviour

People are good by nature and rarely are out to cause problems which is why a message that says you CAN do this here often works better than a message that says you CAN'T do this here.

Working with the City of Amsterdam, Natural Media Experts is placing positive messages to help modify people's behaviour and the results are that people are very cooperative and will act on a message with a smile on their face instead of extending the middle finger. 

Another great example of using positive communication is the "Selfie zone" test campaign near the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. It is one of the most photographed landmarks in Amsterdam but it happens to be that the best place for a selfies requires that you stand in the middle of a very busy bike path. Add to that that most tourists don't even realise that there is a bike path and you have the recipe for disaster. 

So instead of Amsterdam placing messages that say, "don't block the bike path" or "don't take selfies here", they have created a "Selfie Zone" where people CAN take a selfie safely and still get a great shot.

People can take a selfie anywhere so one of the questions was, will people actually use a "selfie zone"? So far the answer is not only will they use it but they will wait in line to use it! 

This is one of several tests that Amsterdam is performing using eco-friendly temporary natural media that is placed for the right people at the right place at the right time. Try doing that with traditional outdoor media! 

If this approach proves to be effective, Amsterdam can then choose to investment in a more permanent solution.

Natural media is the perfect test medium for municipalities. It not only is affordable but once the test is finished, the prints can also be removed completely.

We are already exploring additional ideas to make this Selfie zone print even more effective in the future. Altering messages, fine tuning them is just one more reason that more and more municipalities are using natural media more often.

If you would like to know how you can use natural media as a communication media please to contact us.

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Jim Bowes

Advertising professional specialising in Natural Media advertising techniques that have a low impact on the environment.