Selfie zone safety trial results

In the spring of 2018, the City of Amsterdam placed a "selfie zone" near the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to see if it would encourage people to take their selfies from the safety of the sidewalk instead of standing in the middle of a very busy and often dangerous bike path.

Measurements were taken before the the natural media print was made and after for the period of several days between the hours of 12:00 until 16:00.

Before the print was place, the number of selfies taken on the sidewalk was 535 (55%) and the number of selfies taken in the bike path was 430 (45%). After the print was placed the number of selfies taken on the sidewalk was 506 (42%), the number taken on the bike path was 332 (28%) and the number taken on the selfie zone print was 357 (30%).

Not only did the result show that the percentage of selfies taken on the bike path feel by 23% but also selfies taken on the sidewalk fell by 13%. Demonstrating that with a simple 2x2 meter print, municipalities can change the behaviour of people that improves safety and encourages the number of people taking photographs of selected parts of a city which are generally posted on social media and provide an effective and very low cost city marketing content marketing campaign.

The Selfie zone was printed using eco- friendly milk paint with a eco friendly protective coating that so far has lasted 4 month with one refresh round at a cost of less than 900 euro. This cost includes removing the print once the print begins to degrade to the point where in no longer matches the high quality standards of the City of Amsterdam.

Just one of many cases where natural media has helped municipalities work towards solving problems and making them better places to live.

Download full report here... (Dutch)


Download report here (Dutch only)


Jim Bowes

Advertising professional specialising in Natural Media advertising techniques that have a low impact on the environment.