Reach the right audience, at the right place, at the right time.

Natural-media are new. They are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional outdoor advertising. When used to their fullest potential, natural-media campaigns deliver a high return on advertising investment that few other media can match.  

In the past 8 years, natural-media has proven to be effective because it is highly targetable and appears where it is not expected. You can create even more value and generate more awareness if you think of natural-media as a form of brand experience marketing or the ultimate content marketing creation touchpoint.

Using natural-media as part of a larger communication strategy will help it spread from the physical location to the internet where it has the potential to been seen by a much wider audience and continue to generate value long after the campaign has faded away.

Natural Media Experts can help you:

  • Shorten the learning curve. 
  • Increase the return on your natural-media investment. 
  • Reduce the time spent preparing designs and digital files for natural-media techniques. 
  • Help you find natural-media companies to produce your campaign in multiple markets.
  • Submit detailed requests for quotes.


130 M2 sidewalk mural produced by GreenGraffiti® Netherlands

130 M2 sidewalk mural produced by GreenGraffiti® Netherlands

Reverse Graffiti Project produced by Paul (Moose) Curtis Symbollix®

Reverse Graffiti Project produced by Paul (Moose) Curtis Symbollix®

Living moss billboard produced by GreenGraffiti® Bulgaria

Living moss billboard produced by GreenGraffiti® Bulgaria

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Using the public space without proper permission is not a legal activity. Though a few countries have made this form of media legal, in most countries it is at best tolerated to an extent at worst, simply not legal at all. Generally, you could say it is not not legal.

There are ways to produce natural-media campaigns completely legally and with permits. The permit process can be long. What you do will influence the decision making process. I strongly recommend producing work that leaves the area in better condition than when you arrived. If your goal is high exposure generated through the internet, you do not even need to brand the physical work. Branding can be added digitally to the content that you will publish on the internet making it easier to get permission. 

I would be happy to advise you and share my 8 years of experience in meeting with many municipalities.

Some of the most successful campaigns were the few times a brand actually got into trouble. The general public have a positive impression of natural-media and often defend the use of it.

In Europe, each year the outdoor media industry consumes a staggering amount of resources. Just the paper consumed alone equals a one meter wide piece of paper that wraps the plant 3.9 times. Paper posters have an average life cycle of just 12 days. Natural-media uses no paper, no inks, does not consume electricity to front or back light and it generates very little waste. It is not perfect by any means but it is dramatically better.

For companies interested in Circular Economy solutions, almost all prints can be made from recovered waste streams. Producing special materials to print with does require an extra effort but as you can see from this video below, brands can produce communication messages that are made entirely from waste materials. 

I used old Heineken beer bottles to make a sand-mix that I used to create sharp, colourful prints that lasted several days but could be removed easily. This is a new natural-media technique called SandBossing. This promotional campaign was unsolicited, unauthorised and was not paid for by Heineken. I like the brand.