We strive to be a responsible business.

Natural Media Experts produces urban communication messages using a low emission cargo bike production unit.

We use eco-friendly materials to create our prints such as water, sand, clay, chalk and natural binders. Natural-media prints are temporary and have a low impact on the environment. We compensate 150% of our CO2 and water usage. Though we are very environmentally aware, we still do have an impact on our planet. Every business does.

Municipalities want to communicate with people. Usually, only for short periods of time lasting from to 2-4 months. In these cases, natural-media is the ideal choice. But when information needs to remain visible for longer periods of time, using less eco-friendly materials is a better choice. It’s about balance and meeting the needs of our clients.


Cleaning images out of the dirt

Using only water, a template and a power washer, we literally clean urban communication messages out of the dirt. Not paper, no vinyl or nylon mesh, no ink, no electricity for front or back lighting and producing very little waste.