Natural Media Experts
Full LifeCycle Service plan


Natural Media Experts offers a unique, Full LifeCycle Service. We not only place prints but we also return to maintain them so they look great for the entire duration of the campaign. When the campaign is over, we return to remove them.

Maintaining print quality

Milk paint, clay paint and chalk paints are temporary by nature. Wet weather conditions, high foot traffic and the accidental use of brush vehicles used to keep sidewalks clean can effect the quality of prints.  To make sure they always look great we return to see how they are doing and report back to you with our recommendations. Some times prints still look great and the campaign can be extended for a longer period of time. Sometimes, prints need a good cleaning and other times prints simply need to be reprinted. You will never need to worry about your campaign fading away or becoming hard to read before it is over.



Though we mostly work with natural paints, we also can produce prints using water, sand and plants. To see which natural-media techniques are right for your campaign, visit our media page to learn more or feel free to contact us.