Create brand awareness in the German market.

How to promote KEEN Footwear is a way that would generate good will that would lead to in-store sales.

Bring the great outdoors into the urban landscape.

Produce a 130 square meter sidewalk mural with KEEN ambassador Drew Brophy using reverse graffiti to literally clean a mural out of the dirt in front of the GlobeTrotter store in Hamburg, Germany

Using a kit of 20 different templates and a layout provided by Drew Brophy, the sidewalk mural was created in 5 hours. After 4 weeks the mural was washed away leaving the surface cleaner than before the image was produced.

A donation was made to the H.O.A.T water foundation to compensate for the water used for the production and cleaning of the campaign.

The sidewalk mural was featured in the German press and was spread via social media. The images produced are still circulating the internet and have been used on numerous blogs.