Reach the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

Natural Media Experts is an Amsterdam based, natural-media company that works with municipalities to produce eco-friendly urban communication campaigns that have a high impact on the audience while having a low impact on the environment. 

Natural Media Experts also advises municipalities how to establish natural-media standards and develop "codes of conduct" to ensure companies producing natural-media campaigns are producing them sustainably and responsibly.

We not only place messages but we also maintain and remove messages. We work with best of breed, eco-friendly materials. 

A growing number of cities permit the use of natural-media for their own communication purposes under the following conditions;

  • Natural-media materials are eco-friendly
  • Print quality remains high throughout the duration of the campaign
  • Prints are removed after a specific period of time and are not left to fade away which can take several months

Natural Media Experts offers a wide variety of natural-media techniques that are flexible and affordable. Messages can be placed precisely where they have the greatest impact. 

  • Low emissions
  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly targetable
  • Not limited to standard frame sizes or shapes
  • Ideal for A/B testing
  • Affordable
  • Wide variety of techniques
  • Over 8 years of hand-on experience producing over 650 campaigns in 22 countries
  • Complying with all laws governing natural-media and outdoor media 

Full LifeCycle Service

Natural Media Experts offers a unique, Full LifeCycle Service. We not only place images but we also return to refresh them so they look great for the entire length of the campaign. And when the campaign is over, we return once again to remove them.

To see which natural-media techniques are right for your campaign, visit our media page to learn more or feel free to contact us.

4 ways municipalities are using natural-media

Way finding

From point A to B

Public awareness

General Information

City Beautification