Natural Paints

Clay, chalk and milk paints

Natural Media Experts uses several different natural paints depending on how long the campaign needs to last.

Clay paints will last around 5 days before they need to be refreshed. We use clay paints that are manufactured in Amsterdam.

Chalk Paint prints will last around 10 days in ideal weather conditions. These paints are normally used on sporting fields. Water based chalk paints will not contaminate ground water sources. 

Milk paint prints will last around 14 days. Natural Media Experts has worked closely with The Old Fashioned MilkPaint Company for many years and have developed a special blend that is perfectly suited for outdoor urban communication. The Old Fashioned MilkPaint Company products are certified by the FDA and are 100% biological.

Magipaint is a semi permanent paint that is made from chalk mixed with acrylic binding agents. It will last from 21 days although we highly recommend returning after 14 days to refresh the prints. Surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying the material for the best results.

For campaigns that will last longer than 14 days, we recommend refreshing prints every 14 days. How long they will last depends on the amount of foot traffic, the type of surface and weather conditions. 

See more examples in the gallery.