Code of Conduct

The rules and regulations regarding the use of natural-media are still being developed. We strive to conduct our business in a way that is in-line with the expectations of the municipalities we work with.

Natural Media Experts:

  • Respects all laws governing natural-media (will not produce commercial messages on public property in the Netherlands)
  • Respects all laws governing outdoor advertising
  • Only works with official permissions granted by local authorities 
  • We try to follow the "Hippocratic Oath" - Do no harm
  • Only uses materials that have been pre-approved by municipalities
  • Only uses disposable spray paint cans as a last resort
  • Follow a strict water management policy
  • Maintains a high print quality for the duration of the campaign
  • Removes prints at the end of the campaign
  • Operates a sustainable and socially responsible business.
  • Constantly improves our operations with the goal of becoming a Circular Economy business
  • Hire local, “hard to employ” human resources 
  • Compensates 150% of CO2 footprint - GroenBalans
  • Compensates 150% for our water footprint - Made Blue