Plants can be used to make spectacular signs or even living billboards. 

We use two types of moss; flat moss and reindeer moss. Flat moss is easy to work with and you can create large pieces quickly as the moss pieces are quite large themselves. Flat moss is perfect for events. Flat moss will stay fresh and green for a short period of time before it begins to go into hibernation changing colours and drying out.

Reindeer moss is harvested from the forest floor, dried and permeated with coloured dyes that also make it fire retardant. Reindeer moss will last indoors for years if placed where people can not touch it too much. Perfect for signs for your business and perfect for a company team building day.

Way Finding

Get people from point A to point B using grass and moss signage.

Duration: a few days if cared for properly.



Say it with living moss, sustainably harvested from the forest floor.

Duration: It will look great for a week. After that it begins to change color.


Living Billboards

This is amazing living piece of artwork was made in Amsterdam. It only begins to show you the possibilities of using living plants to create stunning images. I do not know who is responsible for this project but it is one of my all time wow projects.

Duration: From a few days to several months.

Team building

Team Building Workshops

Natural Media techniques are easy to master. With a little bit of training, the right tools and materials (food and drink always good) you can say what you want to say while building your team.

Duration: a life time.

See more examples in the gallery.