Reverse graffiti

Reverse graffiti also known as green graffiti, clean tagging, clean graffiti was the first natural-media technique to be used widely for outdoor advertising.

Using only a template, water and a power washer, prints are selectively cleaned out of the dirt that has built up on the surface over the years. Prints last from 14 days to several months depending on where they are placed and the surface type. Weather has little effect on this technique with the exception of snow which erases it very quickly. 

When care is taken, sand between the street tiles will not be washed away and the surface will not be damaged. 

A reverse graffiti print will use about 1/15th the amount of water that is used to produce a piece of poster paper of a comparable size.

Water is precious! Natural Media Experts works with the water foundation Made Blue to provide two litres of clean drinking water for each litre we use to create reverse graffiti prints. 

Reverse graffiti is easy to do and is perfectly suited for community projects.

Watch the videos below to see how the city of Amsterdam used reverse graffiti.

See more examples in the gallery.